Odoo Review – Software System Used by Over 7 Million People Worldwide

According to the latest figures from 2022, the Odoo management software is currently being used by over 7 million people worldwide. Why does Odoo attract the trust of many businesses? What positive reviews are given to Odoo? Follow the detailed review of Odoo if you are looking for a management solution for your business.

I. Overview of Odoo:

1. History of Odoo

Odoo was founded by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005 and initially started as the TinyERP system – an open-source comprehensive business management software. In 2008, TinyERP officially changed its name to OpenERP. In 2014, the system underwent another name change and became Odoo. Throughout its development, Odoo expanded its applications to include CRM, Website, and E-commerce.

One notable feature of Odoo is its ability to operate the entire business through a single platform. This provides businesses with benefits in terms of centralized management, integration, and enhanced efficiency.

2. Technology and Programming Language of Odoo:

Odoo is an open-source software system that uses the Python programming language. Odoo provides a free open-source platform for users, allowing them to install, use, and customize it based on the specific needs of their business. Users also have the ability to share their customizations with the community.

Odoo’s choice of the Python programming language brings many benefits. Python is a language known for its readability, ease of learning, and high ratings for applicability and scalability. Additionally, Odoo has the flexibility to integrate with other programming languages.

Odoo utilizes cloud computing technology, enabling businesses to easily manage online software at a cost-effective price. This makes Odoo an ideal choice for both small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. Odoo’s Development Speed

One cannot ignore the rapid development and widespread adoption of Odoo when reviewing it. Currently, Odoo is the most widely used and effective enterprise management solution globally. According to statistics, there are more than 1000 software downloads and installations daily. The software system is translated into 23 languages and has over 7 million users. Odoo also possesses an official distribution partner network in various countries to assist users in deploying the software most effectively.

II. Functions and Modules of Odoo:

The main functions and modules of Odoo include:

  • Sales Management: Odoo provides an in-depth sales management module to support your sales department. This includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management), POS (Point of Sale), Quotations, Order Processing, Price and Discount Management, Sales Performance Tracking, and the creation of Sales Reports.
  • Financial Management: Financial management is a crucial aspect of any business, and Odoo offers multiple deep accounting management modules to control financial activities, including invoice payment control, invoice creation and sending, and payment management.
  • Inventory Management: Odoo provides inventory management modules such as Inventory, Purchasing, Repairs, and Barcode. These tools assist in managing product movement, procurement, repairs, and warehouse operations.
  • Manufacturing Management: If your business operates in the manufacturing sector, Odoo offers advanced management tools for production, maintenance, quality management, and product lifecycle management.
  • Human Resources Management: Odoo offers human resources management modules such as Payroll, Leave Time, Recruitment, Employees, Scheduling, Appraisals, Insurance, Approvals, Attendance, Skill Management, and Allowances to support effective human resource management.

III. User Experience

Interface Design: Odoo ERP software is designed with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Features are implemented in a comprehensive, organized, and scientifically managed way, creating a convenient experience for users.

Odoo ERP’s interface is visually designed and user-friendly, making it easy for users to access and leverage the system’s features.

Ease of Use and Interaction: Odoo software is built with a focus on placing users at the center, assessing their needs and expectations in different roles and departments. The system provides clear and intuitive workflows, simplifying data entry and complex processes, reducing training time for new users, and creating conditions for effective system use.

Management Efficiency: Odoo integrates and automates various business processes, helping users manage their work more efficiently. Seamless integration of modules and data streams eliminates the need for manual data entry and minimizes errors. This helps improve work performance, save time, and allows users to focus on important tasks and decisions.

IV. Deployment Costs:

Despite possessing numerous features and advanced technology, the deployment costs of this ERP system are not substantial compared to using other enterprise management software and then facing additional or even continuous modification costs.

Odoo allows users to pay for each module separately instead of paying for the entire system. For example, if a business only wants to use Odoo to manage inventory, they only need to purchase these specific modules to meet their specific needs. Currently, Odoo also offers the ability to test the functionalities for around 15 days.

The most significant costs often arise when businesses want to expand, adjust, or develop custom modules. Many businesses often seek official Odoo partners for collaboration or may consider setting up an in-house programming team to develop their own Odoo modules. However, this can also incur considerable costs.

Additionally, Odoo helps minimize many operational costs for businesses, including inventory costs, personnel costs, maintenance costs, customer care costs, and product promotion costs. This ERP system also supports process optimization, reduces production time, and eliminates downtime between production steps.

V. Upgrade and Expansion Capability:

Odoo provides businesses with the ability to continuously upgrade and expand their ERP system. With regular updates, businesses can incorporate the latest advancements and improvements in functionality, security, and performance.

Odoo’s modular structure is designed for easy expansion, allowing businesses to add new modules to meet evolving needs. Customization options and the availability of numerous applications within the system help businesses optimize the user experience. Additionally, Odoo’s scalability ensures that businesses can easily accommodate growth, whether it involves an increase in the number of users, data volume, or expansion into new locations. With the flexibility of cloud-based or on-premises deployment options and support from the global partner ecosystem,

VI. Odoo Community:

Odoo has established an online forum where people worldwide can exchange ideas, ask questions, and contribute feedback, ultimately enhancing the quality and refinement of the solution. You can easily find the Odoo community, large or small, by using keywords such as ‘Odoo Community.’ However, to communicate with others on the forum, you need to have sufficient English language proficiency for smooth interaction.

VII. Partner Ecosystem:

Odoo takes pride in its strong and global partner network, playing a crucial role in supporting businesses throughout their Odoo journey. The partner network includes experienced deployment partners, providing value-added services such as system implementation, customization, training, and ongoing support. These partners have in-depth knowledge of Odoo’s functionalities and the most effective methods, ensuring smooth and successful deployments for businesses of all scales and industries.

Odoo’s partners act as reliable advisors, guiding businesses to optimize the Odoo system to meet their specific requirements. With their expertise and technical know-how, the Odoo partner network provides a robust support system, helping businesses maximize the benefits of ERP deployment and achieve long-term success.

Paracel is a gold partner of Odoo in Vietnam, offering businesses the best management solutions with low costs and high efficiency. Paracel’s comprehensive team of software and digital transformation experts serves as a powerful resource for businesses facing management challenges, providing them with the right direction. Reading reviews about Odoo also helps businesses gain a better understanding of this management system.

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