Connecting and Internal Information Sharing
Integrate many features and flexibly customize on the enterprise server system
Internal corporate communication
Interact and handle work more efficiently
Manage and store documents with high security
With Pchat application, you can easily manage and operate
Easily set up your personal information
Customize group information, share information within the group
Chat with people according to each conversation topic
Chat customer support on multiple platforms
Easily share, send file files (images, doc files, pdf, psd, ...), links
Video calls are not limited to participants and time
Get new notifications
Store chat history, quickly search when you need
PCHAT brings benefits to businesses
Omnichannel interaction with customers (Omnichannel)
Pchat allows you to interact with customers on different several communication channels. Enhance communication and help businesses easily connect with partnerships
Improve teamwork spirit
Convenient in presenting projects, assigning tasks and exchanging ideas among team members. Managers can track progress and evaluate team productivity
Transparent information flow and absolute information security
Absolute information security is one of PChat's top criteria. Workflow is seamless, minimizing interruptions because PChat is operated on the server, the enterprise's own storage cloud. In addition, you can save chat history, pictures, videos and documents for a long time
The internal communication channel helps you keep your business secrets and your database as secure as possible.

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