Our Odoo Services
Odoo Customization
Odoo Customization
Odoo Implementation
Odoo Implementation
Odoo Integration
Odoo Integration
Odoo Migration
Odoo Migration
Odoo Consultancy
Odoo Consultancy
Odoo Support & Maintenance
Odoo Support & Maintenance
Odoo Customization Process
Experts from our team believe in following the standardized process so that each possibility can be considered before the final implementation. A well-designed process helps to save the time and efforts of tech savvies; moreover, offers reassurance of perfection to the customers.
Step 1
Requirement Gathering
We will schedule a meeting with you and our technical team, to gather information on your needs and requirements.
Step 2
GAP Analysis
We analyze the gap between the available features of Odoo and your requirements.
Step 3
Feasibility Study
A study on the feasibility to do the requested modifications in Odoo without, compromising the performance as well as breaking default functionalities of the platform.
Step 4
An estimation of the cost and duration and implementation will be shared with you.
Step 5
Customer Approval
We wait for your approval to proceed further.
Step 6
The platform will be developed as per the needs and requirements also as per the standards.
Step 7
Multiple integrated, as well as unit testing, will be undertaken to estimate the reliability.
Step 8
The completed and tested modules will be delivered to you.
What do You Need to Reach Us?

Odoo is a complete package to meet a business requirement; however, each customer is different, and so are their requirements. Hence, Paracel Technology Solutions knows one size won’t fit all; that’s why we put the perfect handcrafted cogs in place so you can use Odoo as per requirements.

  1. We take care of small to Major Odoo customization requests.
  2. Feasibility analysis is done before the team starts working on it.
  3. We offer Timely delivery of the service.
  4. Consider each parameter before implementation to avoid fuss.
  1. Customization provides that personalized experience in an application focusing on the client’s requirements and ideas.
  2. At Paracel Technology Solutions, we analyze your requirement on additional needs and there by setting the right strategy for fulfilling the functionalities.
  3. We deliver high end customization services so that customers get the full benefit of using their application, there by achieving the business goals.
  4. Extending Odoo’s modular approach, our technical team assist you to achieve your all desired needs.
Case Study
  • Business Problem:
    • Miscalculate the raw materials needed for the Manufacturing Order
    • Mix the wrong ratio of raw materials
    • Pick the wrong quantity of raw materials
    • Incorrect management of employee working hours
    • Failure to plan equipment maintenance
    • Difficulty in managing failed manufacturing cases, …
  • Our Solutions:
    • Paracel provided end to end development services including Backend & Frontend development, DevOps, Manual UI testing, and Automation testing.
    • Paracel proposed product ideas, review functional wareframes twice a week with Customers and then deliver full lifecycle product development.
  • Business Problem:
    • Overproduction and failure to optimize resources usage such as raw materials, work centers and workers.
    • Stockouts: Product unavailability and untimely delivery lead to customer dissatisfaction and failure to retain customers.
    • Not purchase raw materials and components in time, wasting lead times.
    • MO schedules overlapping days and Work Centers.
  • Our Solutions:
    • Paracel provided Backend solutions to pre-issue MOs, RFQs, and other automatic services.
    • We proposed solutions to schedule the list of MOs.
    • Paracel delivered a full lifecycle product development.
Helpdesk & Quality
Helpdesk & Quality
  • Business Problem:
    • Customers are dissatisfied with their experience about Customer services.
    • Hard to get insights from customer’s needs and preferences without Helpdesk.
    • Internal: Managers assign tasks in many channels and can’t remember all tasks and the progress of tasks.
    • Lack of a centralized Knowledge Base
    • Time Spent on Repetitive Issues.
  • Our Solutions:
    • Paracel proposed the Automatic Ticket Classification
    • Set SLAs and goals for help desk teams. Created processes wherein employees have to adhere to a response SLA.
    • We established a centralized knowledge base.
    • Automate Repetitive Tasks, answer with canned response.
Imus Erp
Imus Erp
  • Module implement: CRM, Sale, Purchase, POS, Approval and Stock modules
  • Odoo version 13, Community Edition
  • Integrate Odoo with Woocommerce website, Sync orders and contact from Woocommerce website to Erp
  • Implement Internal Approval Management System – IAMS new module in Erp system, Its helps managers can approve the different requests submitted through the employees, like a business trip, submit a leave, expense requests as well in one place
  • Develop membership card, earning points, and redeem gifts when buying goods at POS
Vad Service
Vad Service
  • Module implement: Calendar, Fleet, Service, Stock modules
  • Odoo version 13, Enterprise Edition
  • Implement full repair service workflow: Booking => Receive => Quotation => Repair order => Guarantee service
  • Tracking Repair process
  • Module implement: CRM, Survey
  • Customer care before and after using service
    • Create survey, collect customer ratings about satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction in Claim Management
    • Receive claims from customers, set priority, manager approve and resolve claims
Homefarm Promotion Programs
Homefarm Promotion Programs

Homefarm implement different types of promotion programs include:

  • Purchase product A with minimum quantity, give free product B
  • Purchase product A with minimum quantity, give discount on product B
  • Minimum purchase amount, give free game turns
  • Product price based on minimum quantity purchase
  • Discount on total amount purchase
  • Minimum purchase amount, give free promotion code
Homefarm Delivery Providers Integrate
Homefarm Delivery Providers Integrate
  • Homefarm allow customer can online purchase all products from different background likes website, mobile apps. When orders created online they need to delivered, That with Homefarm integrate POS with delivery provider include:
    • Grab
    • Aha
    • Homefarm ship (internal shipping)
  • Integrate with google maps to calculate distance send to each delivery provider
  • Integrate with Zalo ZNS to send customer know when their order will be received
Homefarm Zalo Zns Integrate
Homefarm Zalo Zns Integrate
  • To make sure that customer satisfy about service provided, Homefarm want to communicate more with customers, and Zalo ZNS is one of the solution make them do that:
    • Send thanks message after customer purchase
    • Allow customers tracking their delivery order
    • Allow customers search for their promotion code and loyalty points
    • Send message confirm online orders
    • Send marketing messages
  • ZNS integrate using Queue module to make sure system working more smoothly
Homefarm Einvoice Integrate
Homefarm Einvoice Integrate
  • After purchase, customers want to get the invoice online, so they can easily searching, tracking their invoices anytime
    • Allow user can receive customer invoice release form POS UI
    • Custom bill receipt to show all the invoice tracking guide
    • Manage all Invoices release to customers
    • Using queue to release invoices and release invoices in batches
Homefarm Elearning System
Homefarm Elearning System
  • To evaluate employees level and save times and cost to training new employees, Homefarm want to create a elearning system to provide all courses from every departments.
  • Employees can get points and certificate after finish each course.
  • Sync employees working information with other system using API