Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Guide to Effectively Utilize Odoo’s Marketing Automation for Businesses

Guide to Effectively Utilize Odoo’s Marketing Automation for improving performance and expanding the reach of marketing campaigns for every business. Odoo, a comprehensive enterprise management platform, provides Marketing Automation modules to streamline marketing processes.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

With Odoo’s Marketing Automation, you can intelligently create, configure, and monitor marketing campaigns. From automating email sending and tracking user behavior on the website to scheduling calls automatically and many other features, Odoo helps optimize the marketing process and create a personalized experience for customers.

This article from Paracel will help you understand the features and provide detailed instructions on how to use Odoo’s Marketing Automation to configure a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Functions of Odoo Marketing Automation

Customer and Lead List Management

Odoo Marketing Automation provides a range of features for building and managing your marketing lists. Key features include:

  • Creating Customer and Lead Lists: Odoo allows you to create lists based on criteria such as email addresses, personal information, or other attributes.
  • List Classification: Odoo’s Marketing Automation allows you to classify lists based on criteria such as interest level, purchasing status, or criteria relevant to your business.
  • List Management: You can easily add, modify, or delete information directly from the list through Odoo’s simple interface. Automatic
  • List Updates: The automatic update feature helps maintain your lists always up-to-date and accurate, with every change automatically recorded in Odoo.
  • Interaction and Information Tracking: You can record every interaction and activity of customers and leads, helping to track the interaction process with your list.

Create and Manage Automation Marketing Campaigns

Odoo Marketing Automation provides a range of powerful features to automate the marketing process through email.

Marketing Automation
Create Campaign Marketing Automation

Creating and managing automated marketing campaigns in Odoo Marketing Automation includes:

  • Create and Manage Email Templates: Odoo allows you to create and manage marketing email templates, customize content, images, links, and design to reflect your message and brand.
  • Automatically Trigger Email Sending: Define conditions and trigger actions to send emails automatically. For example, when a new customer signs up, completes a transaction, or abandons a cart, Odoo can automatically send welcome emails, thank you emails, or reminder emails.
  • Define Automatic Email Sequences: Build automatic email sequences based on time and actions. Define next steps based on recipient feedback and behavior. For example, after sending a welcome email, you can schedule the next email to be sent after 3 days if the customer hasn’t opened the previous email.
  • Adjust Sending Times: Specify specific times to send emails, including dates and hours. This helps you adjust the email sending time for optimal effectiveness and increased reach and interaction.

Automating Tasks Beyond Email

Odoo Marketing Automation brings the ability to automate customer journeys (from A to Z) and manage automated campaigns such as nurturing potential customers in the sales process, updating profiles, and transferring customers to their sales team. If/then statements can be used to perform next steps after an email is opened or feedback is received.

Tracking and Analyzing Marketing Results

The tracking and analysis features in Odoo Marketing Automation help measure and evaluate the performance of marketing activities, including:

  • Marketing Reports: View an overview of marketing campaigns, the number of emails sent, email open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics to assess the campaign’s performance.
  • Source Analysis: Odoo Marketing Automation allows you to view the origin of each campaign, such as email, website, advertising, or direct, to understand more about effective marketing channels and focus resources on them.
  • Tracking Behavior and Interaction: Record the behavior and interaction of customers and prospects to track their engagement and interaction. View interaction history, such as email opens, link clicks, document downloads, or form submissions, to understand more about their interests and behaviors.
  • Integration with External Analytics Tools: Combine data from Odoo with analytics tools like Google Analytics for a comprehensive and detailed view of your marketing performance.

Guide to Deploying Odoo Marketing Automation

Step 1: Log in to the Odoo system as an administrator.

Step 2: Access the ‘Apps’ section from the main navigation bar.

Step 3: Use the search window to find the Marketing Automation module. Activate the module by clicking the ‘Install’ button.

Marketing Automation
Guidle Marketing Automation

After the installation is complete, access the Marketing Automation module. You will be directed to a page displaying current campaigns, their statuses, and options to configure new campaigns.

Configure a Campaign

To configure your campaign, follow these steps:

  • In the Marketing Automation module, select the ‘Campaigns’ menu.
  • Click the ‘Create’ button to create a new campaign.
  • Name your campaign and choose the target group you want to reach.
  • If you want to target specific individuals, you can choose ‘Unique Field’ (optional).
Configure a Campaign
Configure a Campaign

Configure the conditions and actions for the campaign. For example, if creating an email campaign, you can set conditions based on the previous behavior of the customers.

Additionally, you can create multiple campaigns by adding new activities through the ‘Add a New Activity’ option.

Configure Activities

Users can configure activities in the next step, including:

  • Activity name.
  • Type of activity.
  • Email template.
  • Execution time of the activity.
  • Validity period.
  • Domain name.

Email Template Configuration

During the campaign, go to “Email Template”

  • Create a new email template by clicking the ‘Create’ button or choose an existing template to edit.
  • Name your email template and select the base template if needed.

In the email editor, you can make changes to the content, layout, and other sections of the email. Utilize the available editing tools to add text, images, links, charts, and more. Ensure your email has an enticing subject, engaging content, and links or instructions for the recipient.

Once you’ve finished editing the email template, click the ‘Save’ button to save the template and apply it to your campaign.

After saving and exiting the template editor, your activity will be created and scheduled.

Tracking and Analyzing Marketing Results

Viewing Result Reports

Within the campaign page, there are various report options to track marketing results. You can view reports on the number of emails sent, email open rates, click-through rates, the number of leads providing feedback, and many other metrics. Utilize these reports to assess the effectiveness of the campaign and make decisions for improvement.

Using Filters and Categories

Odoo provides filters and categories to capture detailed marketing results. Filters can be used to view results for a specific group, such as potential customers or current customers. Categories classify results based on criteria like time, region, product, or service.

Analysis and Conclusions

Based on the information and result reports, conduct an analysis of your marketing results. Review what has been successful and identify areas for improvement. Draw conclusions and propose improvement measures to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.


By utilizing Odoo Marketing Automation, you can efficiently manage and deploy marketing campaigns, saving time and effort. The ability to automate marketing processes and track user behavior helps create a personalized experience, boost interactions, and achieve positive outcomes.

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