Functions of BOTTEST (Part 2).

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The customer is one of Japan’s largest life insurance companies and has a vast system of connecting and integrating more than 10 large banks for payments and other purposes. Before launching a new insurance product, it is necessary to retest all functions and screens of existing products in addition to the function and screen tests for new products.→ Regression test requires a lot of labor and cost

    • The test range covers 10 bank systems, 4 to 6 insurance products, and 11 screens for each product.
    • The test scenario includes about 200 items, and it takes 2.5 hours per case for manual creation and testing.
  • PTS’s Solution:We provided customers with Automation Test Services (Bottest) with the following features:
    • Script Generator: Automatically create scripts based on provided scenarios
    • Automated tests: run based on automatically created tests
    • Screen capture: Capture target screen
    • Test management: execute only specific cases
    • Execution time control: Controlled by an external file
    • Batch test: Run tests on valid files in a specific folder
    • Test Report: Automatically generated
Bottest casestudy

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