Restaurant management software – FIBOPOS

Strict sales management – Order and pay from your phone


Process service - Cashier - Automation

Fibopos – Professional restaurant management software.

Create guest requests right on the handset

Order cards are automatically sent to the bar/kitchen and processed

Payment operations at the table on a handheld device

Manage, view business reports anytime, anywhere

Grant permissions corresponding to each position for employee

The application allocates rights to each employee corresponding to each function, limiting confusion in the working process.

  • Waiter
  • Chef
  • Bartender
  • Busboy

The management is fully displayed so that they can monitor the working process of each department


  • Display a visual list of dinner table by room, floor

  • Easily monitor whether the dinner table is available or not.

  • Easily keep track of which staff is serving at the table.

  • Creating orders for customers right at the table by phone helps to avoid mistakes when writing orders on paper.

  • Customer’s order is automatically sent to the kitchen department.


Service staff manipulating the bar at the table:

  • Easy payment
  • Exactly
  • Save time

The dishes are synchronized right from the time of ordering. Reduce confusion when you have to pay for multiple guests

Chef and Bartender

The processing list will be automatically transferred to the kitchen/dispensing counter via application.

At the same time, the order form also records all the information of a table such as:

  • List of dishes
  • Number of dishes of customers
  • Special requirements for processing such as no spicy, no sugar…


  • A notification will be displayed to the catering staff when the dish is finished cooking.

  • Notice to display dish information and details at which table.

  • The status of the dishes that have been served at the table will be updated to help the waiters monitor that the dishes are fully brought to the customers.